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  • Flowering Tea

    Flowering Tea

    Lishi tea


    Product Description

    This is the taste of a blossoming future. It is the taste of reaching for the sky and the stars. It is the taste of lives beginning to flower. You are beautiful.

    Flowering Tea consists of a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around one or more dried flowers.
    All of our flowering teas are from the Yunnan Province in China and are expertly handcrafted using the finest ingredients. 
    Each bundle unfolds itself gracefully in water to reveal the secret within.
    A visual delight that brings new life to the age old tradition of tea drinking.
    Each design is unique in its beauty with sublime flavour and aroma that will fill your senses.

    Flowering teas included are:
    ‘’Big Harvest’’, ‘’Fairy Flowers Spreading’’, ‘’Love at First Sight’’ ''Two Dragons Chasing a Pearl'', ''Silver Ingot'', ''Tea Love Story'', ''Whispered Tea and Flowers'' and ''Carnation Immortal Peach''.


    8 flower balls

    From Yunnan Province, China

    100% full Maofeng Green Tea plus any two flowers (Chrysanthemum Flower, Globe Amaranth Flower, Jasmine Flower or Red Lily)

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    Recommended Brewing Instructions

    Infuse in fresh hot water (80-85°C) for 3 minutes. You will get 2-3 infusions from one serving.