We bring glorious tea and teapots from China to

    Iron Goddess

    Lishi tea


    Product Description

    This is the taste of what makes you different from me. It is the taste of well-made sunbeam. It is the taste of wearing the only hat in a crowd. I wish I am you.

    Our ‘’Specially Picked’’ Iron Goddess Oolong Tea (Te Xuan Tieguanyin Oolong Cha) is from near Xiping Village, Anxi Town in the Southern part of the Fujian Province in China.
    This tea (bud, 1st & 2nd leaf) was harvested in November 2014.
    Our grade A Oolong tea is:
    ~ an early Autumn Tie Guan Yin: it's harvested in the autumn and has strong aromas.
    ~ a thoroughly baked Tie Guan Yin: it's the original style. 
    Oolong tea is often used in Gongfu Tea or Kungfu Tea ceremonies (' making tea with effort’). 



    From Xiping Village, Anxi Town, Fujian Province, China

    100% full leaf Tieguanyin Oolong Tea


    Recommended Brewing Instructions

    One tea spoon per person in fresh hot water (90-95°C) for 3-5 minutes. You will get 3-5 infusions from one serving.