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  • Glass Tea Pot - large

    Glass Tea Pot - large

    Lishi tea


    Product Description

    The simple Scandinavian-style design of this in China handmade glass tea pot ‘’TRIVINA600’’ (by Vatiri) interprets the tea's unique style. 
    The filter effectively separates the tea and the tea leaf, while one can enjoy watching the beautiful stretch process of the tea leaf. 
    While drinking it, one will not taste the bitterness of the tea leaf. 

    This teapot is perfect for brewing white tea, green tea, black tea and herbal tea.
    Whether it is being used in the office or to share with friends and family at home, this simple elegant design can be a perfect adaptation to the environment.



    Capacity: 600ml 

    Measurements: W: 195mm H: 100mm 

    Temperature range: -20°C ~ 150°C

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