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    Glass Tea Pot - small

    Lishi tea


    Product Description

    This glass tea pot ‘’ALEAF’’ (by Vatiri) features a fresh fallen tea leaf transformed into a piece of jade-like glass and moulded right on top of the tea pot lid. 

    This unique design captures and keeps the liveliness and hopes of spring. 
    Anytime, anywhere, scents of spring will always be in the cup with the tea!

    The glass infuser keeps tea leaves separated when pouring. 
    Enjoy the pure taste of tea without biting into any bitter leaves. 
    A European styled teapot design, but with a hint of south China with the added green leaf. 
    It’s good for personal use or with a few friends. 



    Capacity: 270ml 

    Measurements: W: 100mm H: 70mm 

    Temperature range: -20°C ~ 150°C


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