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  • ''Sail Pot''

    ''Sail Pot''

    Lishi tea


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    Yixing (pronounced ‘ee-shing’) tea pots are meant for use with black and oolong teas as well as puer teas. The pots are world famous ad come from the western side of Lake Taihu, Yixing, Jiangshu Province in China.

    There are three distinct colours of Yixing clay: purple, red and sandy coloured.
    The appearance of Yixing products, such as its colour or texture, can be enriched and altered through the addition of various metal oxides into the Yixing clay and through the manipulation of firing temperatures. This results in various textures and colours, ranging from beige, blue, and green to even black.

    Yixing teapots usually absorb a tiny amount of tea into the pot during brewing. After prolonged use, the pot will develop a coating that retains the flavour and colour of the tea. It is for this reason that soap should not be used to clean Yixing teapots. Instead, it should be rinsed with fresh water and allowed to air-dry. Only one type of tea should be steeped in a particular pot, so as not to corrupt the flavour that has been absorbed.

    This Yixing tea pot, called ‘’Sail Pot (Yang Fan Hu)’’ is handmade by the artist Li Jian Jun.
    The tea pot represents positivity as the sail stands for ‘good voyage’, ‘good luck’.
    The tea pot comes with two tasting tea cups (Pin Ming Bei).



    ''Sail Pot''

    Artist: Li Jian Jun

    Includes 2 Yixing tea cups

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